Baby clothes

I love what I do….I love to sew baby clothes, design interiors. Being creative is for me like air for every living creature:)….Oh yes…believe me it is. Things I do are not perfect….Are made with all my love and I do them the best I can.

Baby clothes are one of my favourite things to sew, so small, easy:) I recently did some little collection for my coming baby:) I have noticed that I am really demanding!! I want something special, something different. It is hard to find anything interesting. So…..I decided to create some clothes by myself:) And I am thinking about selling them:)AGAIN:)

I sew only leggings, bibs and hats. White bodies are bought but I use them to create my own logos, graphics. I use fabric paint and freezer paper to create those.

SMALL adorable BABY CLOTHES for every little one;) Mine are 0-1m size:)

If anyone would like to buy anything, order something special, personalised you are welcome to write to me on my e-mail


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baby clothes
by Qinya

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