I’ve got baby in my belly!


It is like a dream….still…even after 5 months!! In the evening I can’t see my panties because of my belly. And believe me or not it makes me soooo HAPPY:D

After first months I can enjoy the rest of my pregnancy…hopefully;)

I struggle now with the dummies, bottles and other tiny things:) However, I already know my choices about nursery room:) And I will share with you of course because it is my THING:) Interiors:)Design….so let’s start our journey:D becasue baby’s world is coming!!!

Let’s start with the wallpaper, because it will be very crucial element in the nursery room. It will be just on one wall. It must be cosy, warm, ideal for baby but not childish. The last thing is very important for me. This room must be perfect as a nursery and for 3 year old child as well:)


baby's wallpaper fox

fox wallpaper baby's room

Wallpaper from John Lewis

I wanted grey foxes because opposite wall will be painted in grey so they need to correspond with each other.

The wall with the window will be beige and the opposite wall as well. Wall with all baby’s furniture will be grey.

So….. we have walls done:) And what is more:) That interior is really unisex:)


Cot and changing table and wardrobe will be from Ikea

nursery room busunge-wardrobe-white__0369238_PE551896_S4 busunge-wardrobe-white__0369245_PE551891_S4 gulliver-changing-table-white__0374721_PE554328_S4 lozeczko

Pink wardrobe for a girl and white for a boy:) However I still do not know the sex:) I will tell the world next week:)

I chose really simple cot and table, because  the bedding will be decorative enough:)

In my nursery room for my little one must also comfy armchair:) However I do not like those special for mothers, so I am thinking about …………..

aarmchair for nursery room

YEY!! really nice and really comfortable and after all I can use it in my living room:D

Of course I cannot forget about small storage for diapers, cosmetics and a lot of different things:) So I was thinking about rattan baskets that will be placed in my shelving unit I aready have:D

So this unit I have….baby room




And I will just add rattan boxes in grey or brown colour that will fit to the rest of the room perfectly:Drattan boxrattan boxes branas-basket__0418392_PE575458_S4

The room is not too big, so the rug will be small but fluffy and cosy!!! rather for my own pleasure for now:) two moths later there will be December so it will be really nice for my feet:D

sheepskin rug in baby room

This will correspond with wallpaper and two walls painted in beige:)Well…..with everything!!

Curtains?Hmmm…I do not know yet:)Beige? I will decide later:D ikea curtains

And the last thing I am sure I will buy for the nursery room is another basket but fabric one.

fabric basket skubbare-basket-beige__0398583_PE563747_S4

Will be perfect for all blankets I am going to design and ask my tailor to sew:D OR….for baby’s laundry to not mix them with our laudry. As we know we must wash baby’s clothes using delicate washing powders. So….probably I will end up with two of them in my hand standing in the queue:D

Feel free to leave comments:)

P.S. Next will be bottles and dummies:) I will show what I have found soon:)




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