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Posted by Small Design by Qinya on Saturday, 9 May 2015

Everything started on 15th February . I was buying something at Hobby Craft:) And I saw lovely fabrics, bundle fabrics. I said to my boyfriend that I need them SO much:) He started laughing and asked me why need them? My answer ? Hmm..rather not convincing: I am not sure but I think I will use them one day:) I was so sure I need them as an air to breathe.
Well, I used them at the same day after shopping:) Sitting in front of them I was wondering what to do with it. And again…I heared laughing:) I wanted to sew something really simple. I am not a tailor. And I do not remember why but I reminded myslef about baby shoes pattern I saw in the Internet . Really easy one. So I started creating my first pink baby shoe. I had cotton and felt. And of course my lovely pink sewing machine. It is really tiny.
After my first one I did three more. And people started asking about them. So I decided to sell something:) People were interested with personalised things. Because shoes were quite small I sewed bib with the name and it happened. Orders were quite frequent.

So nice;D

Posted by Qinya Designordie on Monday, 9 March 2015

baby shoes hand made
hand made baby shoes
 Animal collection was so enjoyable for me, however no one bought anything;)
hand made baby shoes
felt slippers, really cosy
And there is eco packaging:)
hand made baby shoes


Posted by Small Design by Qinya on Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Where am I now?
I do projects, choose fabrics, every detail, however I am not a tailor anymore. It is not  hand made thing but still really unique. Patterns that are not copied. polish great fabrics painted by japanese inks that are safe for the environment and skin of every baby in the world;)
It is not easy to get to the people. But still I am trying, every day thinking about my SMALL DESIGN, because it is what I believ in so much. This is my onlu God.
I am ready to present VERY FIRST BABY COLLECTION by SMALL DESIGN. Designed by Qinya and sewed by a tailor, the best tailor ever:) that is settled in the green garden full of trees. It is almost wonderland. It is a tailor who eats for breakfast apples picked from the ground and rest under the tree in the summer listening birds. And after that SHE sew so samll and beautiful things for SMALL DESIGN.
small design baby clothes
by Qinya


small design baby clothes
small design baby clothes
small design baby clothes
by Qinya




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