I am dreaming of a white Christmas:)

As far as I know we will not have white Christmas in the UK:) But I still hope that will be snowing at least. No matter if it’s white or not, people like Christmas time. It is so fantastic time of decorating our houses, rooms, gardens and it is time of forgiving and love.

Because it is Christmas:) I have my Christmas tree ….finally!!:D And some other decorations. However not to many of them:)

And probably you will be surprised with my christams lights which actually are rather more suitable for garden in the summer;D But still I love my first Cjristmas tree in the UK:)

christmas tree
by Qinya
christmas tree and sphynx
by Qinya

Peanut loves our tree decorations:) He always manage destory some of them:)

christmas decoration
by Qinya

Red is a dominant colour in my house:) definitely….

Hope you will share your decorations in the comments below:)




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