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Well, well, well…….I have never thought I will have favourite place in London. This year I had just 4 visits there. I do not like crowded places and London is crowded indeed:D

If you will ever get to LUDGATE HILL, you should go to Cojean to have a coffee or eat healthy, gluten free & organic meal:)

In fact, I would say that it works like fast food, but there is a huge difference between fast food -that are common known -and Cojean;)

Delivery men welcome you with smiles on their faces, french young people really kind and french speaking which is nice to listen( just listen:) I would not be able to understand their conversations at all:) Anyway…really nice first impression. Design is simple, clean and bright. Wooden elements as ceiling, blue and white everywhere and green grass(artificial:)as a vivid accent.

And I love those lamps!!!:D Silver balls… so shiny & so lovely.

There are frigdes with organic juices, juices with chia seeds and more. Shelves full of soooo healthy salads and desserts. You can have a coffee and something sweet:) or have your own juice (you choose fruit to mix;)

When you finish….you do the same things as in common fast foods. There is a bin to empty your tray and you leave your tray aside:) That’s it:)

Healthy fast foods are great for busy people in London who care about their bodies:D JUST GREAT!!!

healthy restaurant london
by Qinya

“[…]we’are opening first london restaurant and are proud to offer londoners and parisians alike a balanced, seasonal cuisine as fresh, innovative and eclectic as they are.” Cojean

healthy restaurant london
by Qinya


healthy restaurant london cojean
by Qinya


I recommend that place:)

60 Ludgate Hill- LONDON EC4M 7HX

Open Monday-Friday from 6.30AM to 6PM



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