Santa Clause is coming to town…!

Finally!! I was waiting for that for AGES:D I love presents and I enjoy so much CHRISTMAS PERIOD . I love tiny gifts like socks , candles or sweets ;D However I have decided to indulge myself…just a little bit:) I was dreaming about my little feminine home office;p! I have got my own blog, I work on my BABY COLLECTION:) SO I wanted to have space just for me, my ideas, place for my bibs & bobs. I really wanted to create atmosphere that is reflection of myself. Having lavender candle, warm light and laptop is making me so RELAXED!!

How to create such place and do not spent too much money?:)

You need :

  • dressing table
  • mirror
  • table lamp
  • decoration lights
  • candle (it is MUST HAVE:)
  • comfortable chair( use what you already have:)
  • rug, fluffy will be the best 😀 to make place more cosy:)

Do not choose everything in the same colour.

home office
by Qinya

candles, home

home office, dressing table


home office
by Qinya

That is all:D

! I forgot about flowers 😀 I will upgrade my office tomorrow:)






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