Black forest cheesecake bombs

I made those cheesecakes yesterday:) And I feel so spoiled!! I will definitely find place for them on my Christmas table:)

Black forest cheesecake bombs

40 minutes+ freezing/serves 8/ A little effort

( Make ahead and stash these in the freezer- they’ll keep nicely for a month or so.)

digestive biscuits 175g

butter 50g, melted

soft cheese 300g

mascarpone 200g

double cream 300ml

kirsh (from the cherries or a bottle) 2 tbsp

good quality dark milk chocolate 400g

flavourless oil( such as vegetable) for the moulds

cherries in kirch 24, halved

dark chocolate 100g

white chocolate 100g

Whizz the biscuits to crumbs in a food processor and mix with melted butter. Beat the cheese and mascarpone until smooth. Very softly whip the double cream with the kirsh, then fold in the melted milk chocolate.

Oil 8 pudding moulds and line them with clingfilm, smoothing it out as well as you can. Divide the mixture between the moulds leaving 1 1/2 cm at the top of each, and push 6 pieces of cherry into each(I put just 3;). press a 1 1/2 cm layer of the biscuit mix on top of each, cover and freeze until solid( about 3 hours).

Melt the dark chocolate and white chocolate in separate bowls and allow to cool a little. turn the frozen bombs out and carefully pull of the clingfilm. Stand them on a tray and spoon some of each chocolate onto the bombs so it runs down the sides and looks pretty. Freeze until you need them, taking them out of the freezer 20 minutes before serving;)

Per serving 983 KCALS/ Fat 77.8g/ Saturates 48.2g/ Carbs 56.6g/ Fibre 1.9g/ Protein 11.9g/ Salt 0.9g

chocolate cheesecake
by Qinya
chocolate cheesecake
by Qinya
chocolate cheesecake
by Qinya


chocolate cheesecake
by Qinya
chocolate cheesecake
by Qinya

Recipe from “Olive” Magazine;)

Bon Appetit!!



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