Raw diet=Healthy diet

I had cookbook with raw recipes in my hand just once. It is absolutely new for me. I admire people who eat raw meals and I thought that one day I can do it, too. I’ve never tried to do any meal. I do not know how to think about raw menu. What to cook?  Well, even not cook, just prepare;) I am not going to eat just carrots and salads!! I love them but I want to eat meal. Probably I won’t change my habits, but I would like to eat more raw dishes and I think it is fine and not hard to do. With the cookbook and SPIRALIZER it can be quite fun:D

Handheld SPIRALIZER will help you to prepare raw, healthy, low-carb spaghetti! Instead of noodles you will have vegetable noodles. It is so amazing:) And perhaps delicious;)

OXO Spiralizer


You can use carrots, beetroots, sweet potatoes, onion, courage and probably more;)

And with a cookbook you won’t run out  of ideas:)

healthy cookboor, raw diet

Both of them available on www.lakeland.co.uk CHECK IT OUT!!



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