Minnie Mouse cushion cover

You have already seen my Minnie Mouse cushion on my Instagram:) and Facebook, but I’ve promised to present my job on my blog, so here I am:)

Well….it could have been better but my sewing machine is terrible;/ rrrrrrrrrr…well, maybe I will buy another one;) It is almost the last project/thing I do for someone;) Next and the last one will be bib and baby shoes with pug motive. Perhaps those will be ready on Saturday;)

However, I am not going to finish my career with baby stuff:) I think about online shop on my blog. Hope it will appear soon. I do love babies and small clothes for them:) But I would like to see more fashionable clothes and not pink with teddy bears…well it is not for me:) I don’t have children or any babies, but when I see children zone in any shop I cannot find what I am looking for…;) that is why I want to create collection for people like me;)

Well, okey…let’s see my pillow cover for 8 moth baby;)

cushion cover minnie mouse
by Qinya

Cotton and felt used:)

minnie mouse cushion cover


And some more pictures of fabrics I want to use to create baby collection, SOON:)

Fabris come from Poland;) My homeland… very delicate for children with special method of printing patterns that are not harmful for baby skin at all!


I absolutely love those patterns!! Do you?:) And i can’t wait!

Keep your fingers crossed for me, please;)

flamingi jelonki-blackwhite misie pastelove-4 piorka-olowkowe-male scandi-hills





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