Cat blanket for my PEANUT

Today I did new blanket for my naked baby Peanut(sphynx kitten). I have 5 weeks to prepare everything for our new member of family. I am really excited. I hope my new category about my Peanut will be helpfull for those who are going to have that cat breed in their houses:)

For now he is with his mum, brother and sister:) But After 5 weeks I am going to take him to my house. Will be really happy with my two adult cat as I assume;)

Well….what new owner of the sphynx cat needs?:

  • warm place to sleep, rest
  • warm fleece clothes (when it is really cold outside or if in your house is quite cold because you like lower temperatures;)
  • shampoo….I have read that the best is bambino shampoo for babies
  • coconut oil(apply on the skin 15 before bath
  • wet wipes for babies to clean your cat between baths (however we should avoid using it too often)
  • to clean eyes twice a day with warm wet wipe/cloth

Today I did another blanket for Peanut. It is a little different than my previous one. It is smaller, just for 9 week old kitten;) And with velcros

My blanket with velcros is so great. I can use it as normal blanket or  make cone when my kitten will be on my laps, and the best thing is that I can make cosy tunnel to play or sleep. It will keep warm my sleeping Peanut:D

What do you think??:)

cat blanket sphynx cat
by Qinya



cat blanket sphynx cat
by Qinya

IMG_9302 IMG_9303

sphynx cat blanket for cat
by Qinya







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