Cat Blanket

Today I want you show you something different:D There won’t be anything about christmas, interiors, cosmetics, recipes:D

Today my post is inspired by my cats: Phoebe i Elliott and hopefully my new cat:D It is is a hairless cat:) so needs some fleece or sweater and cosy blanket to hide. For Phoebe and Elliott it is a great thing form me, because I can put my blanket in a place where they spend most time and avoid fur on my let’s say quilt:D

Thinking about my Chicken/Furby 🙂 that will come to us in December(hopefully) I thought that I can sew a cat blanket to keep him or her warm during the journey to our house. And that blanket would be a place to hide and feel safe:)

Perhaps I have started something new for me:) I am thinking about blankets, toys for cats and clothes for Sphynx cats:D

Well, I am really excited…so if you have a cat:) Write:) You can order my products on my FB page:)

Now let’s look my first blanket product:)

It has 3 layers:) cotton fabric, fleece minky and feklt inside, but it can be also quilt inside

blanketTo make it more bright I added yellow felt stripes

blanketI think I have everything now:) SO….. LET’S SEW IT




cat blanket









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