Rose salt scrub


Shops offer a wide range of lovely, fabulous cosmetic. I know:) And i would like reccomend you some of them. They will be so perfect under Christmas tree;D

First of all, LUSH cosmetics are MUST HAVE!! And Christmas period is definitely great time to buy them for your friends and family. plus…they have also ready gifts so nicely wrpapped:D

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You can choose raedy gift or single product:) To create your gift:) Whatever you like;)lush

or…..if you can not decide choose gift card:)


I also really like Body Shopbody shop

Do you remember my post about hemp milk?:) Well, here we have got something really nice for our men:) Don’t you think?:D i am going to buy one, but sssssh…..;)26909m_z

My recent discover is Organique shop:)They have so delicious and weird cosmetics. The newest are with pumpkin extract! You should check it out!

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There are many many possibilities:) Of course it is up to you…but…what about home made cosmetics? Home made by YOU:D

Those products are the best! Because you will use products you know, products from your kitchen, fresh and carefully made gift:) And perhaps lovely wrapped:)

Believe me or not but home made gifts are the most precious!

I know you know that, so what are you waiting for?:D Let’s do rose scrub:)

What we need?

  • fresh rose petals( if not from the garden then from the shop:)
  • salt( I used himalayan salt)
  • oil(you can choose, olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil:)
  • rose water(you will do it yourself)

Well then, we can start:D

First, you need to prepare rose water:)


rose scrub
by Qinya

To do that you need to put rose petals in the pan and pour water just to cover petals, put the lid on and simmer until your petals will be without colour:)

rose scrub
by Qinya
rose scrub
by Qinya
rose scrub
by Qinya

In the bowl mix salt, water rose and teared petals (tear with your hands). Mix it and pour slowly your oil. Combine together. I added aslo one teaspoon of coconut oil, but it is not necessary.

Well, it is done:) Weel done:) Your ROSE SCRUB is ready to be given someone special:)

rose scrub
by Qinya
by Qinya
by Qinya


Was it difficult? 🙂

I will enjoy my scrub this evening:) Will you?





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