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Oh, I feel so sorry that I did not have time for my blog for the whole week, …..well…okey…no excuses;) But here I am….designordie is not dying:) Was just waiting for fresh inspiration.

Little bird told that there are people who are waiting for me:D So…..let’s start our journey…


Lucky those of you who have attic🙂 It is place with a great soul, don’t you think?

In every american movie, when there is an attic it is presented with some story, treasures, covered with dust, there are chests full of  old family pictures:) who doesn’t like attics😀

One likes old dark wooden beams, another prefers modern style, plastered ceiling….everyone has different style and thanks GOD:) Diversity is so curious!

I will present you later my project of the attic. Project is for my friend. I am really happy to help:) And at the same time I can’t wait to show you my propositions about it;)

However, for now I have some pictures that hopefully will be great inspirations for you…my lovely readers:D

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