Nursery room- lovely space for little one…


Girls mean pink and boys mean blue.

Well, not really. Times have changed. Very often I see nursery rooms that are not so sugary. Perhaps you have noticed that, too.

People choose products that scream DESIGN. Decorations are so sophisticated, so beautiful. Some of them I could have in my bedroom:D

Wallpaper or paint  play the biggest role. It can change character of every room. I prefer paint but with wallpaper on one of the walls, central wall where you place baby cot. This side of the room is the most important, because there is your baby:) I don’t have baby but I really enjoy searching Internet and looking for fabulous nursery or child’s rooms.

What I found today is online shop in USA. Their site:

They offer so gorgeous wallpapers and wall decals. I did some collages for you with those wallpapers, some lamps and storages.

Storage you can buy everywhere but it’s easy to do it at home and use fabrics you like.  I hope that I will find more time to add DIY Category soon.

While designing nursery room we should remember that colours have impact on your baby, especially later. Colours have MAGIC power. I think that the best colours are neutral, due to the fact that sooner or later the room will be filled with lots of colourful toys. Your baby room is perfect when you feel the joy there;)

I have chosen colours and patterns I liked the most:) I hope that one day I will buy one of those wallpapers for my nursery room🙂

baby room

baby wallpapers

Picture below shows baby cots, well those are the most strange I have ever seen, but at the same time quite interesting, don’t you think? Cot with stylish wood and acrylic walls or crib that imitates shape of mother’s womb. Isn’t it crazy?:) Personally, I prefer normal cots, but who knows what people will be buying in next 20 or 50 years:) Maybe we will experience cosmic love..and cosmic cribs:)

I believe that simple and tonned decorations and wallpapers are the best solution for little human:) It is easier to change it a little bit later when your baby became a toddler, child, teenage and so on:)

P.S. I have spent so much time on that topic that I HAD to write about it to clear my mind:) Besides, baby rooms are my favourite if we talk about designing, there is so many possibilities to create a unique place…

So…Have fun Dear Parents and future parents:)
baby design cot
baby roombaby lampsbaby wallpapers

baby wall decals



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