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After few days I feel quite overwhelmed.So many things to do, so many information…I didn’t realize that writing blog and things around it can be SO hard work. But anyway, I feel HAPPY that there are people who want visit my blog designordie. Thank you so much. It is so good to know that I don’t do it only for myself.

Everyday I try to improve my blog. As you probably have noticed I embeded My Instagram. You can find there more pictures, some of mine and my private life, cats, boyfriend:) Today I added Pinterest. Well, my Pinterest is crawling. I’ve just started…but even now you can find there lovely pictures, inspirations, recipes:)

There will be more categories. Soon, I will create baby design category, due to the fact that sometimes I sew some little baby stuff like shoes or bibs:) One day I said to myslef that I finished with sewing:) But if your friend needs a present it is so hard to say NO;) You will see bib and shoes with funny pattern soon.

P.S. I was soooooo suprised that United States dicovered my blog…# so shocked#so happy;D

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