“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” — Anatole France


And of course we LOVE our cats and dogs…so..so..so much that we want for them the best things. Nowadays, people take care of their pets, they treat them as members of their family.

I do the same….pet2My two lovely cats deserve the best things: proper food, active life,vitamins….LOVE. And your pets deserve the same;) We all like coming home and see our furry friends so happy to see us: hugs, kisses, and tails UP!!

Maybe not everyone has to bathe pets, but some of you have to(as me). Some of you would like to use something just to refresh your pet, especially if your pet is more often outdoor than indoor.




Well, anyway…we all have some pet cosmetics:) When I buy such things I look for something good and with nice package:) Because probably it will be displayed in my bathroom.

What I found is really nice, mainly products for dogs have fuuny look…vivid colours, simple bottles, funny bones and cheaper than 10 £.

Nice design and products help to maintain fur and skin in good condition.pet cosmetics




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