“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” — Charles M. Schulz


Who doesn’t like chocolate?:) hmmm…I’ve never met such person…But if you know someone who dosen’t like DARK chocolate just let him or her read my post!

I know that dark chocolate is not as sweet as milk one, but just remember that eating dark one it is really healthy:) so we can say GOODBYE to our remorses!!!

(only if you eat small amount of it;)

We can find in the Internet why we should eat dark chocolate: because it is good for our heart, it has full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. And what I like the most is that dark chocolate makes you feel happier:) And have good impact on your brain;)

by Qinya
by Qinya

YOU CAN FEEL HAPPIER!!! It is really good reason to try eat a little, trust me. Especially when it’s raining outside all the time….well, we know that United Kingdom is well known for that weather but JESUS CHRIST for goodness’ sake….are you serious?? All the time?? We need Vitamin D to smile and feel good and where’s our sun???

Ok, so….while waiting for better weather maybe just let’s eat chocolate:D

photo by Qinya
photo by Qinya

I really love such products that scream DESIGN;) on the shelves in the supermarket…

and the funny thing is that I found it in the most popular market Tesco…it tastes lovely.

I’ve tried with orange  & almonds and believe me or not it is not bitter;D This one is actually sweet:)

And the price is right!

photo by Qinya
photo by Qinya




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