“at any rate, there’s no harm in trying.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


My first post on my very FIRST blog!

Well, probably for most of you it’s not a big deal, however I am very emotional person. I am 27 but sometimes I feel like 6 years-old little girl and somehow I know that I am not the only one:) I know that you have such feeling from time to time, too.

And when I am that little girl I am more creative than ever. So…..the word ‘design’ touches me somehow. That’s why I want to write about it and about spheres of life that are related to design so tight!

I believe that our life is about creating. In everything what I do I see creation and design.

SEWING DECORATING COOKING BAKING CREATING those verbs can surely decribe my blog

Fot. Qinya/food design

PHOTOS LIFE FOOD TRAVEL BOOKS DRINKS INTERIORS those nouns are commplements to my verbs:)


Well, I basically want you to find here everything connected to everyday life which means DESIGN for me;)

My advice for today…..just try to find that inner little child in yourself and be spontaneous, free!!

Do what you love and don’t think too much about it just do it:) That inner child can help you to discover your new energy:D

After my short prologue, you can expect my next post about design food product (chocolate:)






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