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January 8, 2017 / / Mój Świat z Mayą


Momme products baby oil
Maya loves Momme/ by Qinya

Welcome in 2017;)!!! With the new year I have got something new for your babies!!! Every mummy is looking for special products for her little one.It is obvious;)We want the best care for our children.

I am a mum for the first time so it was really difficult to find product I could trust.

While searching the Internet I found  Momme products. I felt in love with the design and the baby oil that they have in their range of products. Why?Because it is gel baby oil. I have never had baby oil in gel. This is my first one…..and you know what? I am not going to change it for another one. I absolutely love it!!!!

by Qinya


We want paraben free, natural and hypoallergenic products.If so, choose Momme. What is more,this particular baby oil is not greasy;) Skin of my daughter is really silky!!!  I use it everyday and I can say it lasts for really long time. I cannot imagine my evening without Momme. Massage with that oil is a pleasure. I also tried liquid baby oil as well and I must say that it was annoying trying to catch every drop streaming down on my daughter’s legs!!! Now the life is easier;)


P.S. Try!And I am pretty sure you will not be disappointed.

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